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Both of my parents, my father especially so, were very talented artists.  Unfortunately that gene wasn’t passed onto me but I’ve always loved art.  Recently I bought a new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil with the intention of trying to learn to draw.  In the process of looking for a program to help, I discovered Pigment, an adult coloring book, which has become my latest hobby.  If by any chance you think that coloring s just something children do, I highly recommend you try it.  I find it very stress relieving, very relaxing and I’ve unleashed my inner artist.  Below are the pieces I’ve created, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed coloring them.  (Click on any picture to enlarge it, and view a slide show).

As an interesting aside, I’m started coloring a few weeks before having cataract surgery on both my eyes.  I used to be absolutely terrified about the prospect, but since I’ve been coloring, I found myself very relaxed and unstressed about the whole thing, and in fact, the operations were amazingly successful.  It might just be my imagination, of course.



Complex Pieces



Less is more!

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