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Both of my parents, my father especially so, were very talented artists.  Unfortunately that gene wasn’t passed onto me but I’ve always loved art.  Recently I bought a new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil with the intention of trying to learn to draw.  In the process of looking for a program to help, I discovered Pigment, an adult coloring book, which has become my latest hobby.  If by any chance you think that coloring s just something children do, I highly recommend you try it.  I find it very stress relieving, very relaxing and I’ve unleashed my inner artist.  Below are the pieces I’ve created, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed coloring them.  (Click on any picture to enlarge it, and view a slide show).

As an interesting aside, I’m having cataract surgery on my left eye this week.  I used to be absolutely terrified about the prospect, but since I’ve been coloring, I find myself very relaxed and unstressed about the whole thing.  It might just be my imagination, of course.




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