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I’ve now been coloring with Pigment for almost 9 months, and have completed almost 1,100 pieces.  Along the way, I’ve learned many clever artistic techniques; mostly by seeing what others have done, but sometimes by getting help from other, real, artists.

Thus, I am now venturing into creating original pieces.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The image above is a background effect that was taught to me by @1ndone, a really talented artist from Arizona.  The idea is to create a feeling that there is something there but you can’t quite make it out.

It inspired, and served as the background for, the piece on the right.


The pictures shown here started with a blank canvas, and were completely done in freehand.  The first 3 are pretty awful, but you have to start somewhere! I actually like the next ones, which is why I’ve given them a title.

Surf’s Up

Cosmic Storm