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I’ve been working with Pigment for around 9 months, and have discovered a passion that I never knew I had.  In the process of coloring more than 1000 pieces, I’ve discovered a number of effective techniques to make my pieces stand out.  I’ve created a new VLOG called ‘The Art of Art’ to reveal  all of these techniques so that people, who don’t know them, can discover, and use them. I’m always being told that ‘It’s already been done, and why am I bothering?’.  My answer to those people is that they’re probably right, but I’m still going to share, because I don’t know who knows and who doesn’t.  All of the techniques discussed, were unknown to me, and I can’t be unique in that, so here goes.

Going beyond coloring – Enhancing your pieces.

When you’ve finished coloring a piece, you can, and most people do, just publish it, and what you’ve done may well be extremely good, but, and this is a big but, you can make it so much better; you can make it literally jump off the page.

This article details all of the techniques used to take the image on the left, and transform it into the image on the right.

Dekibra, the artist who created this amazing piece of art, kindly gave me permission to use it for this article saying that she found the article “interesting and informative”.  I hope you do too.